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Children and young people


Blossom Fields offers support for children and young people as well as adults, ageing between 10 years and 18 years old. I have experience working with children and young people and I am also a trained mentor and implement these skills into my work.


Entrusting your child or young person to a counsellor is undoubtedly one of the most difficult processes a parent or career can go through. There can be so many unanswered questions but hopefully the information provided here, will be useful in reassuring you.


I am integrative counsellor which means I have been trained in several different theatrical approaches to counselling, therefore when counselling children and young people I can be responsive to your child's individual needs. My main approaches are CBT, CFT and SFT, more information on these approaches can be found on this website under the heading CBT/CFT. |I have a person-centred core and through gentle exploration, within a non-judgmental, valuing and empathic relationship I empower my young clients to express their feelings and bring clarity to their experiences.


Counselling offers your child an opportunity to talk though whatever is going on for them in a safe and confidential setting. As a parent or career this must be difficult for yourself, as you wish they could talk to you. I am professionally mindful of encouraging my clients to build positive relationships with the people closest to them. I will therefore, work towards building life skills with your child so they can develop more of an open communication with yourself and the family.


I am someone who will listen deeply and empathically to your child’s experiences, I will not judge, tell them what to do or give them the answers but I will empower and teach them to make their own decisions with safe and ethical boundaries.


I will often use creative activities to engage your child in the process, for some it can be hard to put their feelings into words and working creatively is an empowering way of showing how it feels for them.


For young people, I am also trained as a mentor, I can help by teaching and guiding, offering tools and techniques your young person can implement into their everyday life. I also use mindfulness techniques to help change thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. I aim to help by find coping strategies to help manage problems in a more effective way. I will offer tasks, techniques and interventions that your child can participate in, during their own time.


Confidentiality is very important here at Blossom Fields. Every child is entitled to a degree of confidentiality. Counselling sessions will be confidential with your child, confidentiality will only be breached with your child’s permission, and they are free to discuss with you the counselling sessions.


For any more information, feel free to get in contact with me.

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